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Paper Bags... The New Cardboard Box?

>> Friday, November 03, 2006

As some of you may have heard in 2005 the Cardboard Box was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame (click on the picture of the box to be taken to it's page). And for good reason. Who hasn't seen their child on Christmas morning, after all the presents are opened, playing in the boxes and completely ignoring all those toys you spent so much time and thought picking out.

As our faithful readers know, Brenna's birthday was last week. Alas, no boxes to play in.

Brenna, however, is innovative. Last night she discovered paper bags.

Here she is with what she was calling her "purse". Of course she has actual purses. A few used to be mine. Maybe she's holding out for Coach?
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So I ask what is in her purse. This is how she "shows" me her blanket in her purse.
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One bag for the blanket, another for the shoes. Doug was so helpful in pointing out how much I like shoes in a bag. I do prefer a DSW bag...
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I got a new toy last night. My birthday is next Tuesday. A day that will include getting Brenna's flu shot and voting. Doug asked me what I wanted and I said a new camera. Our digital camera is just fine; very nice if truth be told. But a bit bulky. I like small and portable. My favorite camera ever was my 35mm Canon Elph. In fact I still travel with it. It takes great photos and is so compact...

So Doug got me the digital version. Sooo tiny. I can take it everywhere. Beware!

One feature it has that I love is the ability to automatically do color accent photos. You know, where one thing is in color and the rest is black & white... LOVE IT!

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I am actually reading the manuals to see what other fun things it does!

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