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>> Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Having left HH this morning we arrived in the Dallas suburbs and checked into a hotel that is ***s (three stars) above the last one.

Now I understand that you need to cater to your clientele. I get that. But the hotel we stayed at while in Canton (name will be withheld as I don't have much good to say about it) was bad.

First, the rooms all had exterior entrances. I hate that. I just don't feel safe. Second, I wanted a room with one king bed so I could have the extra floor space for Brenna. But, no. Regulations in that county say that, with 3 people (even if one person isn't a whole person), we had to have a room with two queen beds. Third, all the rooms on the first floor, which is where they put us because of the girls, were handicap accessible. Low, low, low showerheads. Too low even for me. Oh, and they were the hand-held kind. And the support to hold them up was not so supportive. Fourth, I'm not really sure just how clean things were. And, sadly, this hotel the best option. At least they had wireless internet.

I guess that tells you that the clientele in Canton is A) there for First Monday Trade Days, B) half the people are older, C) and not as picky as I am.

Now we are at the Wingate (I'll use their name, our room is spacious and clean with a tall shower head). A mini-suite with a king bed, couch, desk, closet... So nice. And wireless internet. Gotta be able to geek out.

And now I suppose we should stop with the geeking and get over to Doug's dad's house.

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