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>> Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am trying to get into a new "schedule" before the new year... My alarm - an actual alarm, not Brenna - goes off at 6am so I can try to get a few things done before the lovely one wakes for the day. I'm not really sure it's enough time, but it will have to do.

The screen on my cell phone is warping and my plan doesn't "replace" phones for 2 years. Which means I have at least 9 months to go. HA! I'm a tech junkie and have been jonesing for a new phone. I've held off because cell phones are Brenna's favorite toy. Which is probably what's wrong with mine. She used it as a chew toy a few times and the innards got a bit, well, soaked.

One of Doug's grandmothers went into the hospital the day after Christmas. We found out Tuesday but were led to believe it was just another of her "spells". Doug spoke with her yesterday and said that she sounded awful and had possibly had a mini stroke. He would have headed up after work but it was so foggy last night... We will probably trek up there this afternoon.

My youngest nephew, Ethan, had his 3-year Well Visit to the Dr. yesterday so his brother stayed here while Jen took him. It's so much easier for Jen that way. Ethan was not very happy about it, he wanted to "Stay and play in Jody's big house." When the Dr visit was over they came in and Jen watched all the kids while I took a shower. Almost like having a nanny.

Brenna and I are going to do a Mom & Tot class at a local gymnastics center beginning in January. It's basically like an "open gym" time and will get Brenna some interaction with other people on a weekly basis. I think she is getting a bit bored with me. sigh I can feel the apron strings stretching already.

Wow, I'm really rambling this morning. If you've made it this far, thank you. If you haven't, well, it doesn't matter what I say as you aren't here to read it. :)

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