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I Miss...

>> Sunday, December 11, 2005

I miss my own internet. Not that I dislike Panera but you MUST get some goodies whilst you are here (today it's the hot chicken & bacon panini) and that is eating into my allowance and not doing good things for my waistline. (Internet ETA is Wednesday. I'm just not sure I will survive until then!)

I miss blog surfing. I haven't visited anyone in so long! I promise that I haven't forgotten any of you. My list of favorites mocks me everytime I check in. Come Wednesday- watch out!! I've got so much pent up commenting....

I miss my friends in Minnesota. We had Christmas traditions that included presents, alcohol and lots of food.

I miss Brenna cuddling before bed. Now we sit down, read a book, begin to cuddle... Then she stretches her arms toward her bed, I lay her down and that's it.

And speaking of Brenna: Warning!!! Poop story ahead

Brenna has been having up to three poopy diapers a day; not diarrhea but not solid. I was performing the third change the other day when, after I cleaned her but before I put on the new diaper, she rolled away and started streaking around her bedroom. No big deal; she'd done that dozens of times. What she hadn't done before was.....

Wait for it...

Are you ready?

Squat in the corner and poop on the floor!

She was so proud of herself. As I would have been had there been a toilet underneath her!

And that's your geek update for today. I'll check back soon!

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