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Karnival of the Kidz

>> Monday, June 06, 2005

Welcome to Iowa Geek and this week's Karnival of the Kidz. Below you will see the good, the bad and the ugly... WooHoo! Can't wait to get started; let's go!

As with any good beginning there should be rules . Straight from The Common Room. I can't believe we never tried this!

And, from Stemily, a rule that I think could be added to the list above: I told you so.

Another rule that holds true-for me, at least- from Tinker: don't eat the peas!

Lots of "oldies-but-goodies" sent in this week:
From Oddybobo comes a reminder about being the older sibling.
Harvey makes me wonder just what he has been photographing.
PrimoDonna sent in a lovely family photo circa 1977.
And from Practical Penumbra, a boy in a dress. I personally think the cat took a fine photo.

From the past to the present: ProcheinAmy shows us the unattended makeover. She's absolutely adorable, no matter what.
Army Wife Toddler Mom give us a lesson in anatomy. I think it explains alot!
Boudicca reminds us that children repeat everything; even if they don't really know what they are saying.
Jennifer shares photos of her beautiful children. Look at those grins! She is going to have her hands full as they get older!
Speaking of having full hands, Jen H here at Iowa Geek tell us us about taking her boys out to dinner.
And, if you haven't seen enough cuties cruise on over to One Happy Dog Speaks to see a couple of the cutest boys on earth.

And now something for those of you who are having baby cravings right about now. This might cure you. I begged Mama Duck to send this in. Ahh, cute yet volatile. Which leads perfectly in to my own submission so teasingly titled pooing for distance. Maybe I should have posted a warning on those last two? :)

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