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"Family" Outing

>> Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I have two teenagers in my house this week. Yes, Chris is still here. And we have been joined by Tim, the 18-year-old son of some friends. Having Tim here is a blessing. He is very well mannered and polite. And Chris tries to emulate him. He is a very good influence. Tim is really good about spending time with Chris- which makes everything easier on me.

Today I packed up my "family" and we went to the Science Center of Iowa. What a great place! First we went to the IMAX and watched The Living Sea. Brenna and I lounged in a seat for a while then, when Brenna got restless, we moved to the floor. Very cool.

The Science Center has Experience Platforms: hands on science. Robots, levers & pulleys, gears... all sorts of things. And a toddler play & learn area. And upstairs is the Star Theater, a dome screened room with bean bags and chairs. It is connected to the "Why the Sky" exhibit and you can see astronomy and, today, a movie about the Egyptian Pharoahs. So relaxing. I could have vegged there for an hour.

Tim's friend Doug met us at the Science Center. All three boys are now at the mall. I'm not sure that Tim & Doug intended to take Chris but they didn't kick him out of the car. So Brenna & I have our house to ourselves.

I should probably do laundry... unload the dishwasher... vacuum... Who was it that commented on my post and said something about Oprah & bon-bons? I wish!

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