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Baby Poop IS Funny!

>> Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yes, this is a post about baby poop. So if you don't find it amusing please stop reading now.

Last December, Friday the 10th to be exact, Brenna bestowed on me a great gift: flying liquid poop. Fortunately for all of you, the camera was not available at that time for photos.

However, Mama Duck has rectified that. Peanut is ready to take Brenna's title. (Doug says that a wall got in the way & Brenna wants a rematch. I say that Doug will have to deal with that.)

Brenna, however, gives Peanut high marks in both distance and coverage. She will be sure to keep Peanut's information on file and as soon as the Olympic committee responds to our request to include "Pooing for Distance" as an Olympic event we will begin training. We are hoping for sponsorship from Sunsweet Prunes.

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