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So... Where Have I Been?

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Not much from me lately except for quickie posts. Sorry for that. But, for the moment, I am stuck on the couch, icepacks on my ankle and knee. Tied down. So, instead of finding yet another project to tackle, I have a few minues to say hello.

It was a busy weekend here en casa. Saturday my sister, Brenna & I took a day trip to the Mall of America & IKEA. Jen had a few specific items she wanted at IKEA and the mall is right across the street- with better food.

We had a successful shopping day; Jen found exactly what she was looking for (and then some) and Brenna got new clothes and some lovely pink storage boxes for her window bench (not that she really cares about either).

Sunday was busy from 7 am (for me) until 10pm. My goal for the day was to clean the garage and remove a couple of large bushes from our front yard. Of course I didn't plan to do it alone. I forced Doug out of bed and called in my brother Jarod for hard labor. (Seriously, if you live close to Des Moines and need anything done around your house Jarod is the man.) Luckily Jarod brought his girlfriend Amanda- child care expert extradannaire- along to keep Miss Brenna entertained.

Much was accomplished Sunday: garage cleaned, storage shelves hung, bushes pulled, other bushes trimmed, trees pruned, drywall put in ceiling of half bath (it's only had a hole in it since this happened.) Of course we paid Jarod for all his hard work. Amanda may have gotten gyped.

Monday was spent cleaning the messes made the day before and preparing my living room & dining room for the carpet cleaning the next day. And caring for Miss Brenna which is seeming to take more time now that she is slightly mobile. And a bit fussy with two top teeth coming in.

And Tuesday... hmm... I had the carpets cleaned. The groomer came to give Toby a bath. I did laundry. Lots of Brenna time. Hmmm, not really sure where yesterday went.

But today is a new day with a whole list of things to do. First on the list is to go through the camping stuff so Doug can be prepared for his Father's Day camping trip with his dad, brother & nephew.

*sigh* I suppose I have lingered with my ice long enough.

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