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Ahhh, Retail Therapy

>> Saturday, June 18, 2005

Most times shopping just makes me more depressed. Especially now since my boobs are even more huge and unwieldy than normal and my hips are still a couple of sizes larger than I want them to be. But yesterday the gods of retail were on my side.

Buying tops is the bane of my existence. Especially cute tops. Usually I find tops that fit my boobs but look like I am wearing a tent. That is especially attractive. Or I find tops that fit my torso but don't come close to covering my boobs. Yesterday I found four- yes four- tops that fit and flattered me! Huzzah! My sister asked where I planned to wear them as two are satiny with beading. I'll wear them at home. I'm so sick of t-shirts every day. I want to feel pretty once in a while.

Girly tops

I really just went looking for a pink button-down to wear to my grandparent's house tomorrow. I know we will be outside so I wanted a shirt to wear with my pink floppy hat. (Which you can kind of see on top of my dresser.) The other shirts just fit so nicely- it happens so rarely- that I had to buy them.

But my favorite buy of the day were these shoes! I absolutely LOVE them!
Great shoes!!

Obviously they can't be worn with everything, but who cares! These are, quite possibly, the happiest shoes I own right now. They make me smile and I can't wait to wear them! (Which makes me wonder about Mama Duck... did she get new shoes?)

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