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Look at Me!

>> Monday, June 13, 2005

UPDATE: I've finally converted our camera's Quicktime format to MPG. Everyone who uses Macs or Windows computers should be able to to watch this. -Doug

Brenna was working hard all day trying to stand on her own. By the end of the day she had it down.

Here you can see her slowly lifting her tukkis off the mattress.

Up I Go

And here she is: all the way up!

OK, I'm Up

Deciding to be truly adventurous she tries this maneuver:

Watch Me Go!

That last one resulted in a "kerplunk". Mommy cried when she stood all by herself- and on command. We have video; I'll be after Doug to get it added, so check back.

We are also getting our two top teeth this week. And we waved "bye bye" to Daddy this morning when he left for work!

Whew! It's been a BIG week!

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