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A Spa Party?

>> Saturday, September 02, 2006

Char suggested that I have girlfriends over for a "spa party" this weekend since Doug and my brother are out roughing it. Jennifer and Fantastagirl both thought it was a great idea. And it is... except for one little problem. I have exactly one friend here.

Yes, one. And I think she will be busy this weekend with a funeral and some serious consoling for her youngest daughter.

You are all still stuck on the fact that I only have one friend here, aren't you? Well, here's how it happened.

I moved to the Twin Cities (Minnesota) in 1993. I moved to Iowa and married Doug in 2003. Except for a 5 month stint I haven't worked in this area so I haven't had the opportunity to meet that many people.

'What about my neighborhood?' you ask? Well, we are easily the youngest people around here. (Except for the people who live next door and whose nanny we know better than we know them). Most of the people in our area have reached their mid-life crisis and spend their time taking care of sports cars, not kids.

And I have yet to meet any moms at any of Brenna's activities that I want to spend any additional time with. I'm older than most of them (that's what you get for waiting to have kids) and our interests are very different.

Which leaves the people I spend most of my time with: family. I am very lucky that my siblings and I are close, in proximity and feeling. And I am sure I will spend time with them this weekend. But it is Labor Day weekend and everyone has plans of their own.

So no "spa party". I'll spend the weekend making costumes, watching "Buzz" and maybe going to DSW to check out their summer clearance. And, honestly, shoe shopping makes everything better.


If you live near a DSW and you need shoes get there this weekend. I got a $70 pair of Franco Sartos (a pair of 3" slingbacks in brown and tan that will look killer with jeans) for $22. Doug took the camera with him or I would show them to you. Sweet shoes! Be very jealous.

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