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How Do They Do It?

>> Monday, September 25, 2006

I can barely get to the computer to check my email right now. Blogging is so far down my list of things to do and I feel badly that nothing has been added since Friday. Still working on that "schedule". HA! Like I will ever have it together again! Doug was lucky to have a warm dinner tonight!

Life is settling down a bit. Caelan had to go in to the Dr Friday to have her weight checked. She had lost a bit before we left the hospital and they just wanted to keep an eye on it. However, when we got there her weight was not the biggest issue- her jaundace was. So she spent as much time as possible this weekend sunbathing.

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Sunday was a perfect day- sunny, breezy and cool without being cold. We wrapped Caelan up and took her for her first outing- cousin Carter's soccer game. Brenna got to hang out with cousin Ethan on the sidelines. She did try to sneak on to the field a couple of times- she really wanted to kick the ball. Carter was so excited that we were there to see him. He would should from the field, "Jody! I'm in the game!"

Today it was back to the doctor to check on Caelan's weight and color. She looks much better but had only gained an ounce over the weekend. She is a sleeper right now and doesn't like to wake to eat. When she does want to eat she latches right on but if she doesn't want to eat you can't make her. Tomorrow she & I are going to a lactation class at the hospital to talk one-on-one with a nurse about it. I am a little worried.

Here's Caelan enjoying her favorite activity- napping:

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Brenna is really taking to her roll of big sister. She helps so much. Today she helped push the stroller and she pushed the buttons to open the doors at the Dr's office. She is trying to teach Caelan "This little piggy" on her toes and "Pattycake":

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And she loves to give kisses. It just amazes me how grown up she is.

So even though my house is in desperate need of a cleaning I have to say that I am so freakin' happy that it just doesn't matter.

Not right now, anyway. On Friday I will be freaking out about it as my in-laws will be arriving the next day to stay for a week. Sooo... if anyone wants to do a really good deed this week let me know. I have some bathrooms that are in desperate need of cleaning.

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