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>> Monday, September 18, 2006


See more pix of Caelan Aibhlinn in action

Welcome to the world Caelan!
(click to enlarge)
Caelan Aibhlinn ("Kay Lynn" "Ave-Leen", it's Gaelic if you're wondering) made a surprise entrance today at 4:42am. Evidently she was jealous of Brenna having all the fun and decided to skip the last three weeks of baking. Ten fingers, ten toes and a head of dark hair; what more can you ask for? After the initial excitement, we are settling into a nice, boring routine. Boring is good when you are in a hospital. I like a nice, boring medical chart. She's officially listed as a preterm, but at 7 lbs, 11 oz, she is nicely developed.

Yes ladies, I have change a couple of the "tar" diapers. I'm a real man and proud of it.

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