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The MisAdventures of Brenna the Faery Princess

>> Friday, September 15, 2006

Once upon a time two mere mortals were blessed by the birth of a faery princess. The two mortals knew that they had been given a rare gift and did their very best to raise the faery to someday take her rightful place.

Finally the day came when they could no longer keep their beautiful faery to themselves. It was time for her to meet the other faeries of her realm.

The little faery knew instantly that she was where she belonged. She was greeted by the Queen of the Faeries, given a necklace of welcome and sprinkled with faery dust.

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The little faery made herself at home and joined the other faeries on the toadstools where she learned special faery magic.
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So happy were the faeries that entertainment was brought in. Special guests were invited. The little faery was especially drawn to a handsome young knight. They clapped and played while the entertainers made everyone laugh.
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After the entertainment the little faery tried her new magic on the flowers. With a wave of her hand the flowers danced and twirled.
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As her final initiation a special dance was performed in her honor. The little faery and her knightly friend were the center of attention.
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Before leaving the realm the little faery was presented to the Queen and was granted a special place among her ladies.
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Note: The Des Moines Renaissance Festival has a permanent home now, complete with a village of shopkeepers, a jousting field and a castle. The organizers have done a really great job & I hope it will grow to be as good as the Minnesota Faire.

Also, for anyone who doens't know, the handsome knight is Brenna's cousin Koen. They are about 7 months apart in age and are the best of friends. And, yes, I made Brenna's costume as well as Koen's tunic. You may all tell me how talented I am. lol

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