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Another Week Closer

>> Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And a couple more pounds. Things must be getting cramped, baby is slowing down in there. Everything is looking good. Baby is turned; I have a tukkis in my ribs constantly. Unless she rolls over and it is against my spine. Also very comfortable.

Even maternity clothes are uncomfortable. Upon arriving home off came the stretchy-panel-under-the-belly jeans and maternity top and on went the tank top and sarong- my at home uniform. Ahhh... comfy.


It's another cool and rainy day here; what the Irish call "soft". It's late in the year for so much rain and I am sure the farmers are cursing it. Not enough during the growing season and too much at harvest. The creek in our back yard is at it's banks again; it was higher over night, all the grasses are flattened.

No outdoor activities today. Should be a good day for napping. Ahhh, napping.

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