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So Much to be Done

>> Thursday, September 14, 2006

This week feels like I have been going non-stop. So much to get out of the way, loose ends to tie up, things that still need finished.

Today we go play at the gym, a weekly ritual that Brenna looks forward to...alot. Then we have a UPS run to make, a stop at the grocery store for milk and a few other essentials that I seemed to forget the other day, home for lunch and naps, back out the door so I can get a haircut & Brenna can spend some time with Nature Girl and back home to make dinner. Somewhere in there I really need to do a couple loads of laundry and vacuum.

Of course my day wouldn't be complete if Brenna & I didn't put together her alphabet puzzle a few times, read a couple of books, color and play in her kitchen. And, honestly, these "tasks" are much more important than laundry and vacuuming.

And now I'm off... Hopefully tomorrow I will get around to posting the pictures of Brenna the Fairy Princess from the Renaissance Festival last weekend.

Update: 1:38pm

After our morning activities and making Brenna lunch (the thought of eating made me ill) I succumbed to the rest my body was begging for. Buzz #2 went into the DVD player in my bedroom and Brenna watched it while I (kind of) napped.

I am having some very light contractions today. They feel weird but don't bother me like the pains that come with baby dropping lower and my body stretching to accomodate her. Now those can take my breath away and make me stop in my tracks.

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