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Where Did My Day Go?

>> Friday, August 05, 2005

My mom spent the night, taking care of Brenna while Doug & I took E to the hospital. I was up every 2-3 hours giving E meds and making sure she was OK. She was sleeping every time I went to check on her. Which was a relief.

Mom brought Brenna downstairs about 6am. She didn't realize that I was on the couch. It made more sense for me to be on the couch as I didn't want to wake Doug every couple of hours. He had a meeting early this morning. I cuddled Brenna to me and nursed her- mostly to get a little more sleep. Not that I mind cuddling my baby girl.

I called the methadone clinic this morning and spoke with a nurse there. Finally! I felt like someone actually knew what needed to be done! So, instead of following Dr's orders and taking E to the treatment facility at the hospital I took her to the methadone clinic.

We spent the entire morning there. (Doug came & got Brenna after his meeting.) But I feel like E will be able to get the help she needs. They will also be able to transfer her to a clinic in Minneapolis. If we can find one with an opening. I won't send her back without someplace to go. It shocks me just how difficult it is to get help. No wonder so many people can't get off the stuff.

She has been resting since we came home. She has been able to eat & drink & keep it all down.

E's husband came down today. He had thought that she was still clean (she was when they got married). Heroin is a strange drug. You can't tell when people are high. After a while you need it to remain "stable". And E's arms are completely tattooed- you can't see tracks; I looked. He knew she was here for a visit, he just didn't know why.

This is the first time I have met him. I actually just found out that she was married last night. Fucking drugs. Anyway, I like him. He seems to really care for her and want her well. I think he will do whatever it takes- including relocate, if it is best.

We have to be back at the clinic bright & early tomorrow. Then the day will be devoted to cleaning top to bottom for another open house on Sunday. Whew!

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