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Well, Baby

>> Monday, August 01, 2005

Today was Brenna's 9-month Well Baby visit. All went well. She was pronounced healthy. Stats: 17lb 11oz, 27 3/4 inches. She is now "average" in height and at the 25th percentile in weight. Which is kind of funny as she seems to be eating all the time...

No, I didn't mention that I am planning to start her on whole milk soon. The Dr did ask if I was still nursing (yes) and how much (about 16 ounces a day) and if she was using any formula (no). He knows that she is eating only "real" food and did mention that she shouldn't use whole milk until at least age 1 to make sure she gets enough iron. I nodded and smiled and thought that we would begin in a couple of weeks.

Also: today's Karnival of Kidz is being hosted by "bad uncle" Harvey. Lots of tips and tricks for the young ones... and an offer to babysit. If you trust him after this!

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