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So Busy

>> Friday, August 19, 2005

I've missed all the games this week... My mind has been elsewhere.

The house we wanted sold this week. Cash down, no contingencies. I am happy for the sellers, they were coming up to closing on their townhouse and we had no offers on our home. That means more looking...

Doug is going to try to set up a few interviews with consulting agencies while we are in Ireland. It has always been a dream of ours (together and separately) to live in the British Isles. I know that most of my family thinks that is crazy...but, honestly, I think they have always felt that I am a bit off-kilter, anyway.

The window guys are coming today to finish putting in our new windows. Yep, the house is for sale & we're replacing windows. Honestly, they needed replaced. You would think that a 9-year-old house wouldn't need new windows- buy you would be wrong. Damn new builds.

Brenna is saying "Dada" and "Mama" with regularity... and even to us once in a while. I think she is also trying to say "book".

Since it is fresh produce season we have been indulging ourselves. Her new favorites are cantelope and purple plums. Yummy!

All frozen "back-up" milk is gone; whole milk all the way. I buy our milk directly from a dairy (pasture fed cows, pasturized, but no hormones) and when I opened the half gallon the cream was so thick on the top that I had to puncture it. You don't get that from the grocery.

Ah, well, enough of this chatter, I suppose. It sounds like Brenna is waking from her nap and, lord knows, I have much to do!

I will leave you with a photo from my last trip to Ireland. (Heh, I have enough of these to post one every day until I go again.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I took this picture as I was driving around the Dingle Peninsula in south-west Ireland. I was stuck in "traffic". See their fuzzy behinds on the right? Yep, I drove myself... "Keep left, keep left".

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