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Mommy's Night Out

>> Sunday, August 21, 2005

Last night my sister, sister-in-law, girlfriend-in-law and I left the guys to fend for themselves and went to Archivers for Scrap Mania.

Yep, it's an exciting life we lead. But, seriously, you can make some great pages with an entire store to pick & choose from. And with no children to disrtact you pages actually get completed! I am actually caught up!

Amanda (GIL) and I have done this before and had a great time; my sis and SIL weren't so sure... but I think we've convinced them. I think one of them actually suggested that we do this once a month. HA! My evil plan worked!

Since I am caught up my next project will be invitations for Brenna's first birthday. I may not be so crafty as Merrit but I have my moments...

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