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Hello All

>> Friday, July 08, 2005

I am coming to you today from the Panera at Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Today has dawned sunny, warm & gorgeous where I am; I hope your day will be as beautiful.

Brenna is eating bits of bagel and playing with her sippy cup of apple juice; I enjoyed a spinach and bacon souffle and a cup of Earl Grey.

We are here to join most of my immediate family for a "Welcome Home" weekend for my brother Justin & his family. I took on the responsibilities of "cruise director" and booked our rooms at The Raphael. Doug & I had stayed here before and had such a great experience.

My main plans for this weekend are as follows: Drop off the nephew (YEA!!) this morning, shop, shop, shop, dinner tomorrow evening at The Melting Pot (YUMMY!!) and the Kansas City Zoo on Sunday.

I have finished my souffle and am off to window shop as I stroll back to the hotel to rouse the boys from bed and nurse Brenna. I wish everyone a wonderful Friday!

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