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Well Baby Visit

>> Friday, March 11, 2005

Brenna had her 4 month Well Baby doctor visit today. She is 25 1/4 inches tall (75th percentile) and 14lbs 5oz (50th percentile). Tall girl- she must have gotten it from Doug.

She was very active, rolling around on the table, pulling her knees under her, sticking her butt in the air and pushing her legs back. If she had been on something other than the slick paper that covers the table I'm sure she would have been propelled forward.

The doctor said that she looks great and is very active for a 4 month old. Crawling was predicted to begin in the next couple of months. Am I realy ready for that?!?!

And, even though she cried when the shots were given, she calmed right down and started sucking her fingers. Yea!

Brenna is sleeping quite soundly now, as I'm sure she will do most of the afternoon. And tonight- hockey! With the NHL on strike this year I haven't been to any games. The Buccaneers are USHL, so no frills. But hockey is hockey and the tickets are free (Amanda, my brother Jarod's girlfriend won them on a radio call-in. Brenna's first hockey game.

And, before that, fish & chips and scotch eggs at The Royal Mile. Best fish & chips I've had outside of Ireland. Good stuff.

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