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Stuck in traffic

>> Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We are on our way to pick up Doug's brother from work and are stuck in some insanely slow moving traffic. Road construction seems to be the main cause of it. Ugh! This was supposed to be a quick trip... I hope Brenna doesn't get too hungry any time soon. For the only food I have is in its original container... :)

But thank Verison for the ability to connect the laptop to the internet so I can check in on my blogger friends & read my email. (Doug's mom doesn't have internet & she's so far out in the backlands that the cell phone connection won't work)

Thanks to everyone for the teething suggestions. We've been using crushed ice in a washcloth. Seems to be working.

Tomorrow we head into Dallas for a couple of days with Doug's dad... Then home this weekend. I can't wait to be in my own bed again.

Oooh, yea, now we're moving! Bye ya'll!

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