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Busy Geekend

>> Monday, March 14, 2005

Yep, we Geeks had a very hectic weekend. Saturday Doug had to go in to work for a bit and I had to run to the mall to buy some new nursing bras. I have managed to go down a size. I am now an "F". Yep, down to an "F". Terrifying, I know.

Saturday night we had our monthly "family game night". My sister & her husband provided the pizza, my brother & his girlfriend the snackies and Doug & I brought the games. We took Outrage!, a game we picked up at the Tower of London. Everyone who plays it becomes addicted. Stealing the Crown Jewels is fun!

Sunday we had breakfast with Doug's grandmother. She calls Brenna Breena. It's kind of funny. We will nonchalantly correct her but it never quite catches. We will obviously correct her. Nothin'. *sigh*

And our afternoon was spent in preparation for our trip. So much yet to do... UGH!

Today I spent 4 hours in a continuing education class. Not overly exciting. Brenna stayed with Aunt Jenni again. Almost 5 hours. I heard that she took a one and a half hour nap. WooHoo! But she was ready for mommy to come back. Once back in mommy's arms she was happy again. Sometimes only mommy can make it right.

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