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What should we do in New England?

>> Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, another weekend is upon us. The weather isn't supposed to be nice enough for a lot of outdoor activities, especially on Sunday. So, my question to you is; what do you recommend doing?

We are 45 minutes by train to Boston. Or an hour and a half drive to Newport, Rhode Island. Or an hour to Hyannis, Mass, in Cape Cod. Or should we just hang out and do nothing?


Anonymous 7:14 PM  

Do nothing.

Just horn in, break out a few games, rent a couple movies, pop some corn, make a pallet and just be together.

You guys deserve it. As a family.


I've got some great things to share with you on Monday!!!

The Fritz Facts 10:28 PM  

I agree with Wendy! I would just hang out, the 4 or you as much as you can. I wish we had the time to do that.

Doug H 6:59 PM  

Well, we ended up taking the ferry into town. It was very easy, took us right to where we wanted to go. And the girls got to ride a boat!

I think Jody has decided to take the ferry to Logan airport to pick up Grandma when she comes to visit.

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