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My New Review Blog!

>> Tuesday, February 03, 2009

You know... Once upon a time Iowa Geek was just Iowa Geek. Then I started writing about travel stuff.

And that's how Have Kid Will Travel came along.

Then I started sharing recipes every Friday.

So Fab Food Friday was born.

Then I got so many opportunities to share so many great things that I have now added another "baby" to my bloggy family.

Let me introduce Iowa Geek Reviews. This is where you're going to see great products, giveaways and other great stuff you should know about. And just to bribe you to head over there I've got a give away!

Be sure to sign up for the RSS or email feeds! You don't want to miss out on anything!

Now Iowa Geek can go back to "boring" family stuff, politics and our upcoming relocation!


lila 5:04 AM  

I like it! Now my ancient computer can actually load your page :)
Boston? wow
Your going through some beautiful country on your way up.

lila 5:10 AM  

But for some reason I still cannot scroll all the way down your blog. My brother cant either????? Strange.

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