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The Votes Are In

>> Wednesday, February 04, 2009

With 20 votes counted:

Live by the ocean: 7
Live near transportation: 10
Stay in Iowa: 2 (I think my mom may have voted this way!)
Make up your own mind: 1

Our choice isn't quite made yet...

I was leaning toward the one on the bus line but I gotta tell you... I really am not impressed with the photos I am seeing of the interior of the apartment/condo.

The one in Hull is nicer, much more homey.

And then we found this house. It's further south but near a train line so Doug could commute to work that way. It's bigger, has a nice kitchen, a sunny yellow eating area and twin beds for the girls. This is the one I want. Now the owner just needs to call me back...


Melody 10:58 AM  

That house is ADORABLE! I hope you guys get it.

Anonymous 11:44 AM  

I was going to vote for the place in Hull, but this one is adorable. I'd go for that one in a heartbeat!

christi 9:13 PM  

this house is so cute! i love the dining area. very sunny and happy. i must say though, i LOVE the front porch! i think i would spend most of my time out there.

blessings ~

Anonymous 6:50 PM  

Actually, I voted for the one near the ocean. How many chances like that are you going to get?!?

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