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And I'll Have...

>> Monday, February 09, 2009

After my whirlwind weekend in Nashville I spent half of Sunday on a plane bound for home. I was so excited because I just knew that my family would have missed me so much that they would be waiting just outside security.

As Paula and I came down the escalator, bending our bodies to catch a glimpse of our waiting families....


Nothing. I was a bit let down. Our plane did land about 15 minutes early but one would think that mommy would be missed enough to warrant at least an hours wait in the airport.

As we entered baggage claim I saw my little family come in the far doors with flowers. The girls ran to me with hugs ready. OK, I'll forgive them...

After being away for most of 3 days I wasn't about to cook so we went out for dinner. Our waiter was wonderful, addressing the girls first. He asked Brenna what she wanted to drink, "I want chocolate milk, and so does my sister," she replied.

And then, before he could ask what Doug or I wanted Brenna continued, "Daddy will have coffee and Mommy will have tea."

Our server looked at me. "Hot tea," I clarified.

"Yes, hot tea for Mommy and hot coffee for Daddy," Brenna told him, letting him know exactly who was in charge of the outing.

And, while she ordered her own dinner, she- thankfully- let Doug and me order our own.


The Fritz Facts 3:50 PM  

How cute is she. Boo loves to order for us, and most of the time gets it right. She thinks it is great she knows what we want.

Tamara B 8:32 AM  

Too cute! They are so much fun when they act like mini adults.

Paula Reece 1:38 PM  

I love her! Maybe she could come out to eat with us the next time we go because I can never make a decision...with Brenna, I wouldn't have to! :)

AudreyO 5:56 PM  

When my kids were young I used to love when moments like this presented themselves. It's so nice to come visit the blogs from the Bloggy Carnival now that I have time to both read and comment.

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