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Tough Decisions...

>> Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Do we live in a lovely little house in Hull, an island town with water taxis to Boston, on a residential street about 2 miles from the nearest bus stop.

Or do we live in Quincy in a small condo on the edge of the center of town, with a bus stop just outside, a park at each end of the street and shops within walking distance?

Both places include utilities (and internet!) and are about the same price.

So, a place with views of the water? Or the convenience of transportation?

I've got a poll to the right... Weigh in, will you?


The Fritz Facts 5:09 PM  

Both are great choices...but living by the water while you have the chance is to good to pass up! I can't wait to see what you choose!

Melody 5:11 PM  


Anonymous 5:20 PM  

I lean toward the practical side and I say the city. Presumably it is closer to your job, the parks are close, and shopping and entertainment are near. I'm all for convenience. You can go on trips outside the city on weekends. Congrats and good luck -it's an adventure!

Unknown 7:32 AM  

How exciting for you! My first thought was that I would pick the ocean over the city any day, BUT as a Maine girl I can say that Feb in New England is not the best time to spend on the water! With 2 feet of snow outside m y window the ocean is not appealing to me today! Its snowing and cold...so how much would you get to enjoy the ocean? Of course it will still be beautiful, but I have been on ferry boats in the winter and I can tell you that the freezing spray is anything but fun or pretty! Have a great adventure whatever you chose!

Unknown 8:19 AM  

I am practical!! If it's still winter, why would you want the beach?!??!! I totally pick convenience of transportation, etc!!

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