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Our Little Home By the Sea

>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

You know you have a problem when you are without internet for 5 days and are wondering just where you can go that will both entertain the kids and allow you to get your screen time. Unfortunately you need the internet to find such a place when you are in a strange city.

The internet at the house was scheduled to be hooked up Thursday but it obviously didn’t happen… I am writing this post in Word and making a list of what I need to do so I can maximize my internet time when I get someplace with wi-fi… (note: Panera early Saturday morning)

Before I go any farther I need to give a big HELLO to Amy, Leanna and everyone else at Triad who I know are missing us right now. Being as we’re in there practically every day…

We are enjoying our little house by the sea. The beach is half a city block away. Weather blows in from the ocean and gives us a variety to “enjoy”. We have a nice pile of seashells and rocks. Thursday the waves were crashing in, roaring loudly and would occasionally have enough force behind them to bring the water almost to us.

We have explored the villages around us… Scituate, Marshfield, North Scituate, Pembroke & Hanover. We’ve been grocery shopping (I’ve got to share the hi-tech goodies next time we go) and to a mall (to use the play area and burn off excess energy). We’ve made the acquaintance of our local postmaster as our mail comes “General Delivery”.

The girls are having a great time… They aren’t homesick yet (sorry). And though I really need to get stuff done I have been accomplishing a few things by not having internet access… I have been playing with my digital scrapbooking software, which is fun; I’ve finished one book that I’ll be giving away next week and have started another; I made a gourmet meal (on par with Splash in downtown Des Moines) last night of seared sea scallops and garlic gouda mashed potatoes.

And if you’re keeping track, Caelan hasn’t used a diaper since we left Iowa (except for one really necessary poo… She hadn’t had a BM while we were traveling.) Yea Caelan! She still tells us that she doesn’t want to pee-pee on the potty. “Never, never, never,” she says in her little sing-song voice. But she’s getting to where we put her on the potty and she goes. We call it Pavlov’s Potty…

We’ll be getting out this weekend to explore. And I’ll check in again early next week from the library in Marshfield. Countdown to internet installation on the 26th…


Melody 12:42 PM  

It sounds like you guys are having fun. I am sure the 26th can't get here fast enough.

Sally 6:33 PM  

Glad you made it safely. No internet stinks, but I always enjoy sitting in panera surfing...did you have a cinnamon crunch bagel?? My fav!

Anonymous 7:14 AM  

Great pictures; talk with you again soon.

The Fritz Facts 8:03 AM  

Even without the internet, it sounds like you guys are settling in perfectly. I am so glad you have the time to explore. Can't wait to hear more!

Amy 6:08 PM  

How sweet of you to give us a shout out! I certainly missed the girls in Friday morning's class. Tell Brenna that Olivia was concerned about her and wanted to know where she and 'her cute little sister' were.

Tell Caelan how very proud we are of her for not using diapers.

Glad to hear you are enjoying your extended trip and know we will be anxiously waiting for your return.


Paula Reece 9:41 AM  

Love the photos! Sounds like you are having a fabulous time! And please, those Gouda mashed potatoes--my stomach is grumbling just THINKING about them! I'll be anxious to check in with you once you get the Interweb hooked up! Jen from Triad says hello and that she misses the girls!

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