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A Star is Born

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

We had a very busy weekend... Grandma (my mom) made a trip out to Boston to visit and we kept her busy! Saturday we visited Salem and Sunday was Boston. I'm working on articles & photos for Have Kid Will Travel- I'll let you know when I get them posted. (I'm having HKWT redesigned so things are a bit wonky right now. Hopefully they will be righted soon. Until then, have you seen my article on Cohasset, Massachusetts?)

What I really want to share, though, is this bit from today. We had dinner at the Black Rose (probably our favorite restaurant in Boston). There was live entertainment tonight by Frank Ryan, a Dublin native, who performs around the Boston area with his band Celtic Clan. As we were preparing to leave I sent the girls up with a tip for him. He asked if they wanted to get on stage & sing! Brenna, my little performer, was all over that. Caelan followed but wanted nothing to do with the singing...

Frank gave the girls a CD of his band's Irish tunes as a prize for singing. For Brenna, though, the applause may have been the best payment... We stayed for one more song (Wild Irish Rover) and danced, clapped and sang (OK, I sang. I had a pint with dinner...) before we had to leave.


The Fritz Facts 8:38 PM  

She is so adorable! You have a star in the making!

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