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New Looks at Have Kid Will Travel!

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

As I get busier I find it to just be more efficient for me to pay to have things done. Like designing the new website... Sure, I could do it (as many of my bloggy friends can attest to since I have helped them with designing their sites) but the time it takes... Well, I just don't have it. So I hired a web designer who was referred to me by my incredibly talented friend Elaine...

Destri sent me a super cute logo last night and I can't wait til the new website debuts to share it!

Super cute, no? And the girls are pulling Trunkis! I love it! What do you think?

If you're in the market for a new look to your blog or want to design a whole website from the ground up I am having a great time working with Destri. I can't wait to see the whole site together!


Laine 8:56 AM  

That is super cute I must say! and wow, a special comment about me.. you are too sweet! :D love that the Trunkis are in it as well, very clever!

Paula Reece 10:07 PM  

I LOVE the new logo! Sooo cute! I was just thinking about paying someone to create a site for me, so I'm definitely going to look into your "people"! So glad you're having fun in Boston, and so great your mom could come visit! Miss you!

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