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Another Busy Saturday

>> Saturday, March 28, 2009

We had actually planned to have a relatively relaxing Saturday...

HA! The weather decided to turn gorgeous so we went to Fall River and toured Battleship Cove. Practically every area was accessible on the ships and the submarine. We spent almost 4 hours there and didn't see everything.

We left there, got a bit lost and missed the last tour of the Lizzie Borden B&B/Museum.

No worries- Doug decided we would just take the short drive to Newport, Rhode Island... Just to look around. In the 4 hours we were there we barely scratched the surface of the town. We arrived too late to get on a tour of the incredible mansions or to begin the beautiful Cliff Walk. We need at least a weekend- preferably 4-5 days to really take it in.

Which leads me to ask... Niagara Falls is currently "winning" the poll of what we should see on our way home. Should I add Newport & reset the poll?


Jennifer 8:09 AM  

Nope you should just go to Niagara Falls!!

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