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Ruby Tuesday?

>> Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I wish I had some rose-colored glasses...

The weather outside is frightful.... Well, windy & cold with snow flurries. We at Casa Geek are fighting a cold. I still don't have the truck back & haven't heard from the body shop today.

I did get all services (electricity, water, garbage, TV, etc) switched to the new address without too much hassle. And laundry is caught up.

So today will just involve wiping runny noses, administering cough syrup & packing more boxes. My house is upside down and, therefore, I feel like I am, too. I hate that feeling.

On a happy note, I got a new winter coat last night. An Anne Klein wool & cashmere 3/4 length. At Burlington Coat Factory. For a steal. Now I need gloves, a scarf & a hat. :)

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