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Waskelely Wabbits!

>> Sunday, June 26, 2005

A couple of weeks ago my brother, Jarod, came over and helped us with some physical labor and other household stuff. One of the things he did was remove a couple of bushes and trim a couple of trees. He then bound the branches and stacked them in the yard.

Fast forward to yesterday. We- finally- borrow my dad's truck to remove the refuse and what does Doug find beneath the branches?

A nest of bunnies!!

Six of the fuzzy little guys. After taking the pictures I covered them back up and proceeded to wonder if mama bunny would come back.

Mama comes home

A closer look

If you look very closely you can see the babies nursing. (No, she is not possessed...red eye only works so well...) It was really humid yesterday and my lense kept fogging up, hence the weird "fog" on the second picture of Mama.

I was suprised that she didn't move them. And, as it looked-and sounded- like a storm was coming in and we had removed all their shelter, I trimmed a couple of bushes and set up a little branch teepee.

Mama returned again during the night because the brances were moved this morning. But the bunnies were still nestled together. Alas, when we returned from our family reunion this afternoon they were gone. I guess Mama didn't like me peeking in on her babies. *sigh*

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