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Monday, Monday

>> Monday, June 27, 2005

The day has dawned hot & humid...again. Brenna & I went for a bike ride early this morning. Riding along didn't feel too bad. But stopping was a mistake. Needless to say, it was a short ride.

A bit later Jen called to take me up on the offer of meeting at the local splash park. I outfitted Miss Brenna in her new swimmy suit and off we went.

We planted ourselves under a shady tarp and downwind from the water. Every so often we received a nice cooling mist. Which did wonders for Brenna's hair.

Patriotic Baby

Carter & Ethan had a rollicking good time...

Splish Splash

Who knew that buckets were so much fun???

Some of the women from the playgroup Jen takes the boys to were there. They came over to join us under our tarp. Here are a couple of snippets of the conversation (these play back through my mind in a Thurson Howell the 3rd type voice, names have been altered for my enjoyment):

Buffy, have you chosen a country club yet?
No, Muffy, we haven't. Maybe next year. Right now we are too busy (living our terribly important lives) to really look at which one would (have the hottest cabana boys and golf cart beverage girls) be best for us.

I really should tell Cookie that noone takes their kids to Gymboree in the summer. (As if...)

When I was nine months pregnant I had a bikini wax. I probably looked like a bushman.
Yeah, like bushmen have bikinis....

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