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>> Friday, June 03, 2005

I went garage-shopping this morning. I was going to say garage-saling, saleing, sailing... but didn't, for how do you spell it? Can you even add "ing" to sale? OK, beyond what to call it, I did wonderfully.

I only went to one sale; it advertised "Loads of baby stuff". I'm there. I arrived shortly after 8am, so I could get the good stuff. As I pulled up I wondered, "Hmmm, I wonder how much I can buy for $11." This is because I had $11 in my wallet. I forgot to stop for cash. (It's just crazy how organized I used to be. *sigh* No longer.

Now, when I thought of the "how much can I get" question I instantly thought of Marie over at PractiGal who plays the $20 game like a master.

Well, I spent $10.10. And here is what I got (all for Brenna, of course): 3 pair Baby Gap socks, 2 Baby Place fuzzy footie sleepers for winter, 1 two-piece hoodie sweater/pants outfit for winter, a hoodie shorts outfit from Baby Place, 2 Baby Place two-piece shorts outfits, a new-in-package Spongebob Squarepants message pad with pen (this is actually for my BIL) and one new-in-box three-shelf with wicker baskets storage unit for Brenna's room. (It still had it's original tag- $40. I got it for $6) Since it was new-in-the-box I had to assemble it. But who cares?!?! I got it for $6!!

A Bargain

Watch out, Marie!

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