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Iowa Stars Hockey

>> Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I've been informed by "the Boss" that we will be getting season tickets to the Iowa Stars hockey season starting next year. That was the deal when Jody moved down from Minneapolis. Is it normal for your wife to get more excited about a sports team than you? :-)


Jody 10:04 PM  

I think it is only fair as I gave up NHL season tickets to show my love for you. As this is only AHL, I'm still making a sacrifice for you. :)

Doug Halsted 12:14 AM  

Isn't she learning her wifely role well!

Amanda 9:36 PM  

Hmmm...Dallas Stars farm team..... There are 2 words that are wrong there, Dallas and Stars. If only Colorado's farm team would have come here. :)

Jody 9:52 PM  

So now I see 4 wrong words: Dallas, Stars, Colorado & Avalanche. We should have had the Minnesota Wild farm team. Location, location, location.

Windjammer 10:16 AM  

Why Iowa Stars? Why not Iowa Beanwalkers? How about Iowa Muck Rakers? Iowa Insureers? Stars has got to be one of the most generic damn names I have ever heard. Stars is stupid. Minnesota has the Wild, Colorado Has Avalanche, Quad Cities Mallards. We could do Iowa Methods and have an inside joke (Meth Heads). Oh well, atleast I'm off the thought that an Iowan hockey team made about as much sense as a Jamaican bobsled team.

Doug Halsted 3:28 PM  

How about Iowa Potatoheads? I always got the question "Iowa is where they grow all the potatoes right?" when I lived in Dallas.

Windjammer 4:37 PM  

Hey, sounds good to me! Let's get our petitions out and ride along on our tractors for the signatures!

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