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>> Thursday, August 26, 2004

Tom at Adeimantus has several posts I think are worth your time.


The Bush haters have a vague idea why it is that 250 or so fellow swiftboat veterans are challenging John Heinz-Kerry's fitness to serve as Commander in Chief, but being Bush haters, they can't quite bring themselves to examine the anti-Kerry swiftboat veterans' charges in the larger context of Kerry's entire Viet Nam record, including his anti-war, anti-American diatribes before Congress and on national television after his return from Southeast Asia. They instead rely on fellow Bush haters in media and on the web to come up with reasons why a few of the 250 or so anti-Kerry swiftboat veterans, some 60 of whom have sworn out affidavits accusing Kerry of either lying about, exaggerating, or embellishing his four month tour of duty, may be wrong in certain details.

Is it a coincidence that the Kerry campaign and ABC/CBS/NBC/NY Times/PBS, et al ignored the SwiftVets claims for the same 2 week period, then all put out stories going after the messengers rather than refuting the claims?

Aha! Here’s the reason...
The strategy is obvious and we've seen it before with Clinton: Find one contradiction in one of your critics' accounts of this or that and declare all your critics untrustworthy. It's the false-in-one-false-in-all doctrine used by the courts taken to a ridiculous extreme.

Everything Kerry has done in this campaign makes Clinton look like a mere jaywalker.

There was also the DNC's goofy attempt to silence SBVFT by threatening to sue networks and stations that broadcast their "slander". Curious thing, though: If Kerry and the DNC truly believe that SBVFT is engaging in slander, why threaten to sue the networks? Why not sue the slanderers themselves?

The DNC then went so far as to try to recall the book and pressure the publisher to stop printing. Why, does the DNC and Kerry campaign not believe in free speech? Why haven’t they sued the SwiftVets? Is it because they can’t and have to resort to underhanded censorship tactics? Wild-eyed leftists get off on claiming that the Patriot Act is an infringement of our civil liberties (only if you consider planning terrorist acts a civil liberty), but can offer no proof that any said infringement exist. Then, here comes the Kerry’s and DNC (followed by MoveOn, ACT and the Media Fund) actively trampling on civil liberties by intimidating television and radio stations and attempting to shut down a publisher. The hypocrisy is stunning. Two words... Michael Moore.

Please read the whole article. It continues by breaking down how “seared” Kerry’s memory is about “Christmas in Cambodia”.


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