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Democrat's talking points

>> Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kathleen Parker, writing in Townhall.com noticed an interview with Wolf Blitzer.

Small quote from the article;

"I hope we've turned a corner, but obviously I think we need a change in presidents to really turn the corner."

Those are the words of Wendy Sherman, a former State Department counselor in the Clinton administration, speaking Monday to CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Not to pick on Sherman, but she's a convenient example of how schadenfreude sometimes masquerades as diplomacy. Loosely translated, here's what Sherman was really saying:

Bush overthrew a brutal dictatorship; arrested and detained Saddam Hussein, soon to be handed over to Iraqi courts; killed the tyrant's murderous sons; restored or invented infrastructure while safeguarding Iraq's oil wells; and created and installed a new provisional government in just over a year following 13 chaotic months of insurgent attacks, with little international support and daily assaults by the media and the far left, while apparently preventing new terror attacks on American soil.

But he's got to go. Why? Well, because he's a Republican.

That's been Kerry's argument all along.


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