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Scrap Bribing- "Rocket's Red Glare"

>> Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here it is:

Your Scrap bribing bribery for July.

This bunch of goodies has 3 sheets of cardstock- 1 white and two reversible (stars & stripes); two custom Wishblade items- AMERICA spelled out in stars & stripes with small silver accent pieces that can be removed for use elsewhere and "rocket's red glare"; a light up fireworks sticker; and a set of red, white and blue stars accented with beading and silver.

I actually thought about creating a custom layout but I know that "I" hate it when things are all tacked down and not necessarily the way "I" would want them. If "I" were going to be crafting with theses pages "I" would probably use the stars & stripes pages as accent by tearing or cutting them and not necessarily use them as complete pages. But "I" will not be crafting these, now will I?

So, here's the rules:
*Write a post about this on your blog- don't forget to link back to this post!
*Leave me a comment letting me know that you gave me some linky love.
*On the 30th one of my lovely assistants will draw the winning name.

Good Luck!

PS If you like something I have created (just see my Wishblade label) or want me to create something for you- let me know! We'll work out a price...


Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 11:02 PM  

I'm posting just to make you feel good. :) I'm not into scrapbooking but heck, it looks nice! And no, don't draw my name because it would just be a waste. So anyhoo...hello!

Anonymous 10:26 AM  

Very COOL!
Debbie told me about this neat idea. I have a niece that scrapbooks, I will give them your link. And any others I can think of that scapbook.

We have alot of people up in this area that scrapbook. I could also put up this link on some boards in the stores, laundry mats, and the like if you do not mind. I will not do it till I get the, OK.


Jody 8:46 PM  

Dana- share my blog with whom ever you wish! Thanks!

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