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>> Monday, July 09, 2007

Doug is self employed. He set up an S-corp quite a few years ago here in Iowa, the land of high taxes (I really think we may be coming very close to being the highest taxed state in the Union). I know that it cost him quite a bit of time spent with accountants and lawyers (ugh. I’d rather have a tooth extracted) and money to get this set up. But he says that the benefits far outweigh the cost. I choose to believe him.

Thankfully it’s done. But if I had to do it, I’d go this route. For under $300 you can have a corporation set up in under 2 days. And you don’t have to sit in any stuffy offices. Except your own.

Not sure if you need to incorporate? IncParadise.com has a large section of FAQs including the differences in LLC, INC,S-corp and C-corp, suggesting the right
business structure
for your company and protecting your assets.

Find out why Nevada is the #1 business friendly state. I'll give you a hint: fewer taxes.

They also offer incorporation in all 50 states. A Texas business isn’t even exempt, so you know they can work anywhere.

Interested in working with IncParadise.com and making some money setting up corporations? They also have an affiliates program that may interst you.

Self employment is on the rise. Be sure that you do it right.


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