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No More Car Payments!

>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just today I sent out the final car payment! I also sent out a pretty big tax payment the state decided we owed them (5 years after the tax filing).

According to my snowball chart we will have three more bills paid off pretty quickly.



Melody 8:19 PM  

Awesome!!!! Did I tell you that we started the FPU classes at our church?

green3 9:59 PM  

Sorry - I'm just now getting over here to congratulate you! THAT IS AWESOME NEWS!!!! Doesn't that feel great? We were the ones who said, "We will always have a car loan". I can't believe how crazy it is to think about going back to car debt days.


Oh, and I heard you ran into my cousin at Blissdom? Glad you tracked her down!

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