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Mussachusetts, Here We Come

>> Thursday, February 05, 2009

OK, I'm technically going to Nashville this weekend for Blissdom first... My bags are almost packed and I think I have everything situated for that.

When I get home Sunday I will begin going through the house, room by room, and figuring out what absolutely must go with us. Doug will stay in our rental next week and give me his thoughts.

He'll be back next Friday and we'll head out Saturday morning for a long (very long) drive.

We ended up choosing a house that came to our attention just two nights ago... It wasn't even part of my poll... But one look at the HomeAway listing and I was hooked.

First, I love a house with a name. This one is called Ocean Perch. Second, I adore a big front porch (I hope I'll get some time on it!)

Combine those two "pluses" with a nice kitchen, a sunny eating area and 3 bedrooms... Well, it's practically perfect in every way.

I was showing the girls pictures that Doug sent and they are very excited to see boats and walk on the beach (when it gets warmer, of course). As you can see from the Google map, the ocean isn't far away.

It should be a grand adventure.


Sally 2:07 PM  

omgoodness. it looks amazing! i'm a little bit jealous...and sad, b/c i'm sure this means any trip to wichita is WAY on the backburner.

looking forward to hearing about your adventures out east. i hear they LOVE conservatives there. LOL =)

Melody 2:38 PM  

Have fun at Blissdom and in MA. What an exciting way to begin your new year.

The Fritz Facts 6:32 PM  

How picture perfect!! I love the porch too. A wonderful way to spend an evening with a book.

Have a blast this weekend! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Anonymous 6:52 PM  

I may wait until it's a little warmer so I can walk on the beach with the girls. St Pat's sounds nice but spending time with my girls is my first priority (not just the little ones, Jody, you're included too.

Doug H 11:19 AM  

And, it is 5 minutes by car to the light rail station that connects to the Boston subway system (MBTA).

Amy 2:35 PM  

Hi Jody ..... Amy from Triad here,

Does this mean you are taking my girlies away from me??? They were awesome today, by the way.

Hope you have a fabulous time at Blissdom.

Don't forget to say goodbye to us.

clenna 9:28 PM  

We live in NH and I'dlove to meet you. If you are on the beach, you must be on the cape - let me know

Paula Reece 1:40 PM  

Yeah, this is even WAY cuter than I imagined it would be! You are going to have such a great time! I'm just a TEENSY bit jealous—and sad that you're leaving me in Iowa for two whole months! You'll have to introduce me to Skype!

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