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Nothing But Time

>> Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm home all day with nothing to do.

Except laundry, housekeeping, following Brenna on her whirlwood tour of destruction, cleaning said destruction, letting the dog in and out whenever he desires, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the inhabitiants, cleaning after each meal...

Today I also played campaign manager for Doug's senatorial dreams. I scheduled two meetings for him with people who are "in the know" and set up a "community round table" in one of the towns in the district. It's more of a "meet the candidate" type of event. Now I need to get fliers printed and do door knocking in that town so people will show up.

Anyone interested in helping? If you live close and have nothing going on the next couple of weekends let me know! Brenna is darn cute but she & I can't cover the entire area ourselves!

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