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What We Did Instead

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caelan has preschool once a week for 1 1/2 hours. That's not really enough time to go home and get anything done before picking her up so Brenna and I usually run errands. Today, however, we had no errands to run.

My first instinct was to pack up the small laptop and head to Panera. I even loaded some free games onto the iPod Touch for Brenna to play while I worked.

And then I thought about it... How much work would I really get done? And, since my job is one I created for myself my deadlines are often self imposed (sometimes I have "real" deadlines, but most often they are my own).

Then I looked at the weather and saw that today may be the only day this week without rain. Surely I could do something with Brenna that she would enjoy more than sitting indoors- even if it would involve a yummy pastry!

So I took her to our local sports complex which is filled with winding pathways and helped her learn to rollerblade with the great 3-wheeled blades we found at a garage sale last year.

Definitely time better spent...

Look at that smile! And she was doing quite well by the time we ended.


Diane 2:42 PM  

She's adorable! Love the leg warmers. Happy Spring!

cchuff 8:40 PM  

It looks like you made one little girl very happy with the time you spent.

Anonymous 2:33 PM  

Oh man ... was that at Prairie Ridge or whatever it's called??? That is my favorite place when we have our ball tournaments. I don't get to come over Memorial Day for Jake's tourney because Drew has one in a different city that weekend. :-(

She looks like she is having a blast. Way to go Mom! :)

Sally 7:16 AM  

Now, why weren't you skating w/ her??? =) Looks like fun!

Jennifer 3:29 PM  

Fun! Good job Brenna!

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