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I'll Let Jennifer Share Our Time Together...

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

OK, I'm exhausted, my toiletries bag is in Michigan & NBC won't come in on the antenna so I can't watch Medium.

And I haven't had a chance to edit any photos from our time in Ontario because we had a great time with Jennifer & Adam and their kids. All the kids got along great (after a dramatic entry when I managed to pop Caelan's wrist out of the socket and have an hour long episode in which I actually thought we would be making a visit to a Canadian ER. I'm betting they wouldn't have taken my insurance...) and played so wonderfully.

Go over to Jen's blog and take a look. She's got some great photos from our visit.


Jennifer 6:51 PM  

I don't know how it works when Americans go to our hospital, but it probably would've been easier insurance wise to jump back over the border...I'm guessing. Any other Candians know???
All in all I'm glad she was fine :)

It'll take some time to get back into "home" routine. :) enjoy!

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