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It's Nice to Hear

>> Saturday, April 04, 2009

Today we toured Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was incredibly cool- we may go back tomorrow to see more & go on a whale watch. Unless we go to the Cape...

We wore the girls out; we toured the Mayflower II, Plimoth Plantation, Jenney Grist Mill & then we took a walking tour of Plymouth (more on all of this another day at Have Kid Will Travel)...

After all that adventure we stopped in a rather nice restaurant for dinner- recommended to us by the great folks who run the Jenney Grist Mill. The girls were good, a little fidgety as they were trying not to fall asleep, but they weren't being too noisy.

As we got up to leave an older gentleman at the next table motioned for me to come over. He said to me, "When you get to be my age you're sure to tell people things... I've never wanted grandkids. When I saw you being seated with your daughters I thought they would be noisy and disruptive. Now, I don't know how they are normally, but your kids were so well behaved and well mannered I just wanted to thank you, you're raising them right."

I thanked him as Caelan charmed his friends. I found out that it was his birthday, he, his wife and another couple visit this restaurant annually for his birthday. It's their tradition to buy cake for everyone at their table- and their waiter. We all wished him a happy birthday as we left.

We've heard a lot since we've been in Boston how well behaved the girls are. I guess he must have been right... Somehow we're not doing too bad in our raising of them...


minnemom 11:33 PM  

Isn't it nice to hear that from strangers on occasion? Good for you!

Amy 8:41 AM  

This story send chills up my spine. As a mom. the best compliments come from the heart of another. Think of the impact Brenna and Caelan had on this man who formed a stereotype about young children and how the parents 'of today' are raising them. I can just see their sweet little, tired faces at the table. Oh, how I miss them!!!!!

Coach Amy

Sally 9:06 AM  

Aww, of course you're doing an awesome job! How nice to hear it!

And, who doesn't want grand kids??? Maybe you don't want your own kids, but I've never heard of anyone not wanting grandkids!!

cchuff 6:17 AM  

My heart swells with pride - love you tons. Mom and proud Grandma

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