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What Time is It?

>> Wednesday, September 14, 2005

9:09pm. Honestly? Where did my day go? I know I was busy all day.
Beginning at 7am:
Get Brenna out of bed, fix her breakfast (fresh fruit, cereal & yogurt).
Make Doug's coffee (freshly ground, of course) and put together his lunch (otherwise he'll eat crap).
I had a banana.
Brenna & I went biking.
We came home.
I gave her a snack (milk & graham crackers).
I cleaned the kitchen.
I made Brenna lunch (veggies, hot dog & fresh fruit)
I put Brenna down to nap.
She screamed for 15 minutes until she was gasping.
I rocked her for another 15 minutes before I put her back down.
I took a quick shower.
I had a quick lunch (I can't even remember what it was!)
I looked in on Brenna; she was sitting up in her crib smiling & playing.
I don't know if she even slept.
I made her a snack (diluted juice and apple cinnamon cheerios).
We played with toys and watched some Sesame Street.
Brenna pulled the spices out of the corner cupboard; I cleaned ground white pepper out of the kitchen rug.
I packed Brenna in the stroller & leashed Toby and we took a walk.
Tried to put Brenna down for another nap. No dice.
We read books.
Another snack for Brenna (applesauce and cheese).
I cleaned the kitchen & living room.
Brenna dirtied them again.
Time for Brenna's dinner (green beans and half a cheese quesilladilla)
The realtor came; we put an offer on a house (contingent to the sale of ours, of course).
Doug came home; we signed papers.
I made our dinner (spinach & cheese ravioli)
Brenna wasn't impressed.
We get Brenna ready for bed; into the crib by 7:30ish.
I crash on the couch; veg, watch Rock Star: INXS. Am shocked Suzie is sent home. I really thought it would be JD.
And now it's almost 9:30. I should clean the kitchen (yes, again), pick up toys (yes, again), read blogs that I haven't seen in days...
And all I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep.

Actually, I think I will do just that. I will leave you with pictures of the house we made the offer on. You should be able to scroll through them. It's a 1 1/2 story with a walk out basement, 20' ceilings in the main living room, 2 fireplaces and a lovely back yard. Also just as close to my sister's house as we are now. XXfingers crossedXX

Good night.

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