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Inside 9/11

>> Sunday, September 11, 2005

Today is the anniversary of 9/11. As our nation becomes more angry over troubles following Hurricane Katrina (which I won't go into here as this is not the time nor place) I ask everyone to remember how we pulled together, all of us American, without finger pointing and race-baiting, to heal.

Let's remember. Take a minute, say a prayer of thanks and healing to your God. Never forget.

As we listened to Brenna scream herslef to sleep from the comfort of our room (it took 7 minutes) Doug turned on the TV and a show on The National Geographic Channel caught his eye. It was Inside 9/11.

So well done. It was done very recently, as it includes information about the London bombings, as well as other attacks that took place after 9/11. And, quite rightly, it begins with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. It also includes information that was not released until after the 9/11 commission finished their report.

I appreciate that National Geographic let the story tell itself with the only opinions injected being the opinions of those who were there. Bravo, NG!

I honestly believe that every American needs to see this, to be reminded. Go to the website. Read the interviews, look at the photographs. And, if you want to see the show, let me know. I'll get a copy to you. Yes, it is probably illegal for me to provide it, but as long as I'm not charging for it... And I think it is that important that as many people see this as possible.

Even though the mantra after 9/11 was We Will Never Forget I think that too many have.

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